About Me

I am a creative and accomplished Art Director with extensive experience in film production.

I have worked on large-scale international productions, bringing to life the vision of directors and producers alike. I thrive on collaborating with a team and leading the charge in bringing a creative vision to life. My skills and background in design and construction enable me to bring a unique perspective to each project, ensuring that the final product is always visually stunning.



I prioritize creating a smooth and efficient working environment for the entire production team, while also collaborating closely with directors and producers to translate their creative vision into a cohesive and visually striking design.


Whether working on a small independent film or a major blockbuster, I approach each project with the same dedication to creating an unforgettable cinematic experience.
I am also highly skilled in underwater art direction, a specialized area of film production that requires unique technical knowledge and creative vision.


My experience in set construction and scenography allows me to bring a hands-on approach to my work, using innovative materials and techniques to create immersive and realistic environments that transport viewers to another world. From simple designs to complex builds, I have the skills and creativity necessary to make any vision a reality.


My experience in VFX and post-production allows me to collaborate with the entire post-production team, ensuring that every element of the film is integrated into the final product. From green screen compositing to CGI enhancements, I have the skills and technical knowledge necessary to create a flawless finished product.

Whether you are looking to create an action-packed adventure film, a dramatic period piece, or anything in between, my experience in art direction, production design, construction for film, underwater art direction, VFX, and post-production allows me to bring a fully-rounded approach to every project I work on. I am excited to collaborate with you and bring your creative vision to life.
Miguel LLorca

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